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From my basic observation, there appears to be three different types of liars. 
One type uses lying as a shield, to protect either themselves or someone else of the pain that may come with a certain discovery. Call these people type (B) liars. The common liar. I fall into this category. 

The type (A) liar uses the lie as a weapon, a means to inflict pain or to gain an advantage in a fight. 
In a conflict, winning is the priority. The means by which the battle is won is 'whatever it takes', so false accusation is permissible to the type (A) liar.  

Then there is a third category. The type (C) liars. Recreational or pathological liars. Lying will occur where no threat exists. Reality, it seems is just not interesting enough, so a new version gets fabricated. These Liars take lying to a whole new level in their comitment to edit and photoshop the reality they don't want to accept by taking on a role that is consistent with their preferred reality.  
They will purposely blur facts and misrepresent the truth to suit there fancy. Truth is preached and parroted, but dropped at the earliest convenience.
A Type C liar will also use Type A and type B lying if a conflict arises.  
To a liar there are two types of lies. 
- ones that aren't true
- ones they wish weren't true. 


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Nathaniel Campbell
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Born to BC's west coast, I began an interest in art at the age of six.
Taking private lessons at the age of 9, I studied charcoal as a foundation for value and composition. After majoring in art through high school in an advanced placement program, I studied design and illustration at UFV where I received my diploma. The emphasis in that program was visual communication, which plays a key roll in my art today.
Upon graduating I worked with a graphics company that did murals. I learned a lot about planning large scale paintings from Dean Lauze, who was a big contributor in my development as an artist.
In 2005 Joseph, my business partner and brother, and I, started a clothing line called Brethren Empirical which featured graphic art and custom touches. After running Brethren clothing and selling limited run T shirts to boutiques for a few years, I returned my focus to fine art, only now instead of focusing on commission pieces, I work mostly on personal series.
While the main medium is oil, the occasional wood piece, gives me a chance to employ the chainsaw. Regardless of medium, nature and natural forms are emphasized in my work, often with strong narratives using a symbolic language. I'm really interested in the power of myths and totems so animals are used for this purpose. Dreams also use a similar type symbolic language to tell us things. Since my dreams have been quite lucid at times, a dream journal has become one resource in producing ideas and images.
My ultimate goal, is to create beautiful work with mystique, to use skill to deliver a message to the heart, and to be thoughtful in the delivery.

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